Carli Savedra. Octopus Demo. Old Vine Cafe. Costa Mesa

Chef Carli Savedra demos the famous octopus dish. Once plated, it looks like a beach.

Braised octopus on the beach recipe:
1 octopus (not baby)
1 lemon- halved
1 qt white wine (dry)
2 shallots- rough chop
1 head garlic- simply cut in half
3 qt hot water
Clarified butter

Season with salt until it tastes slightly less salty then the ocean
Cook octo on med heat for 2 1/2 to three hours (until tender)
Chill octo in fridge, once chilled cut into bite sized pieces

Put bread into a blender or robo coupe till it looks like sand. Toss with EVOO, salt and pepper. Toast in 400 degree oven until golden brown.

Important to use high quality EVOO (1 cup)
Blend with 3 bunches parsley
Strain with a coffee filter

Small dice ( to cook with the octo)
Ribbons, simply shave with peeler and place in ice water to curl
Once mise en place is completed here is the cooking method

Hot pan
Clarified butter in pan
Octo in pan-saute
Add small dice celery
Once seared- deglaze with dry white wine
Place sourdough sand (breadcrumbs) on plate
Place cooked octo and celery on plate
Garnish with celery ribbons
Finish with parsley EVOO


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