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Orange County Restaurant Association Teams with GrubTribe for New Video Content and Unique Promotional Collaboration

Irvine, CA – July 10, 2015

GrubTribe joined forces with the Orange County Restaurant Association to further promote the finest food in the region with deep-dive chef interviews, restaurant promotions and food prep demonstrations.

GrubTribe is Southern California’s digital destination for behind-the-scenes gourmet video. The OCRA is the 700-member strong community behind Orange County Restaurant Week and the Golden Foodie Awards.

“We have the same mission as the OCRA,” said GrubTribe’s Jeff Fliegler. “We love bringing people together with food. It’s that simple.”

The new partnership aims to further showcase the people, flavors, destinations and philosophies behind Orange County fine dining.

“GrubTribe will help out with video coverage and extended dining content,” said OCRA’s Pamela Waitt. “We’re excited to add another passionate food publisher to our network. All the restaurants we cover will get more exposure, and we’ll have some really cool production collaborations coming up.”


The OC Restaurant Association promotes and markets the Orange County restaurant industry as a whole, spotlighting Orange County as a premier dining destination while creating the sense of community and togetherness that only food can do.

GrubTribe showcases local chefs and food providers, their businesses, their prep choices, their favorite ingredients, and more. Short video interviews and preparation demonstrations feature local food businesses across Southern California while answering all kinds of questions formerly reserved for the chefs and food specialists working behind the scenes.