What is GrubTribe?

  • A trusted way to learn about your eating community.
  • A way to make friends with similar interests and tastes.
  • A rare look into the realities of the gourmet kitchen.
  • A group of passionate people who appreciate food as art.
  • A view of the craft food trade: the how, the why, the where, the what.
  • Just one more way to appreciate human creativity.
  • A tip sheet for the best spots in town.
  • Another resource for deciding where to go, who to meet and what to consume.
  • Rough video art about real people doing wonderful things with food.
  • A way to learn how to cook better at home, for parties, and for friends.

By exploring the tastes, philosophies and rationale behind the gourmet food business, we give you a more detailed back story about the restaurants and meals you love and covet. The plate of food in front of you has so much more meaning when you see these top chef insider techniques and insights.

The GrubTribe learns about local chefs and food providers, their businesses, their prep choices, their favorite ingredients, and more. Short video interviews showcase local food businesses across Southern California while answering all kinds of questions formerly reserved for the chefs and food specialists working behind the scenes.

Food culture in Orange County has come a long way. This used to be a chain restaurant wasteland with very little gourmet competition. Today, ambitious chefs have made their way to the OC and planted deep roots. They’re making the most of our fresh produce, local seafood, extensive distribution resources and an increasingly sophisticated dining population. GrubTribe shows you where to go, why to go and how to make restaurant-quality dishes at home.