Joseph Martinez. Chef Tools. Knives. Shun Ken Onion. Cha Cha’s. Brea, CA

Joseph Martinez talks chef tools – specifically, his favorite knife – the Shun Ken Onion.

“Contrary to rumor, Ken Onion knives are not named for the singular task of chopping onions. That’s really the designer’s last name. Ken is one of the most sought-after custom knife makers in the world. He has won more knife awards for design than any other single designer, and with the partnership of Kershaw he has done more to change the pocket knife industry than any other individual. His custom knives can be found in some of the most prestigious private knife collections as well as in the pockets of his multitude of fans.”

  • 6-inch Shun chef’s knife with ergonomic Shun Ken Onion-designed handle
  • Handcrafted in Japan of incredibly sharp, strong VG-10 steel
  • Beautiful black Pakkawood handle provides tension-free control
  • Damascus-style ripples on blade help release food for clean, swift chopping and slicing

As part of the Shun Classic line, the Shun Classic Ken Onion Series shares the same materials and Pattern Damascus clad blades as Shun Classic. But the Ken Onion series elevates ergonomics to an art form. Every aspect, from the shape of the blade to the way the handle fits snugly into the user’s hand, has been designed for superlative comfort and control. The arc of the sleek Pakkawood handle provides stability, while the rock of the blade’s belly enables users of any height to cut with ease and control. The widened bolster guides users to the correct grip and reduces tension during cutting, making this line ideal for users who have large quantities of prep work or those who suffer from arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome.


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