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You may have noticed that GrubTribe won the “Best Food Influencer” award at the OC Golden Foodies this past Sunday.
We were super pumped about the win, but we also recognize it as an opportunity to help you with your marketing and advertising goals.
 There are a variety of ways we can contribute to your product branding, exposure, events and promotions. One place to start is with our highly-targeted, highly-trafficked video posts (think pre, mid and post-reel sponsorships within the videos).
Let’s schedule a meeting to go over options, traffic and targeting info, and our unique approach to food and beverage marketing.
Phil Dunn 
(949) 244-9440

GT Stats and About Us:

Our audience consists of diners, chefs and restaurateurs who are

passionate about fine food and dining experiences.

We reach them in person at special events and online via email,

Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat and GrubTribe.com.

Facebook Snapshot (Past 28 Days):
  • Instagram: 1,821 followers
  • Facebook video views: 5,897 (past 28 days)
  • YouTube: 25,000 views (used as storage, however)
  • GrubTribe email list: 790 organic subscribers
  • GrubTribe.com: 4,012 page views
  • Average time on each video page 1:00+
  • Average 1500 people watching each video when it’s posted
  • 555 videos on GrubTribe site and YouTube
* (all organic traffic, likes, shares without much input from the GT founders – we have
day jobs!)
Co-Marketing Opportunities:
  • Pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll advertising inserts/sponsorships
  • Sponsored posts and campaigns on social media
  • Email newsletter promotions
  • Co-branded influencer posts
  • FB targeted ads
  • Actual video event coverage
• Movie event/screening sponsorship (Pascal – La Tradition and upcoming productions.)