Cooking is about playing, right?

So, who delivers the best toys? Our video on Steve Dickler and his dreamy culinary emporiums shows you the how and why.

Dickler started out as a knife sharpener, collected some of the best restaurant talent in the Qarea, and built a restaurant and kitchen supply empire. 
Check out how it all came together!

How to make crazy-good olive oil

The Great Paso Robles Olive Oil Adventure!
Your GT correspondents recently captured one of the most impressive 24-hour farm to table exercises in the state of California – olive oil harvesting and pressing with Terrace Hill Olive Oil Co.
Check out the videos to see how Shannon, Frank and Andrew Tucker transformed their Paso Robles retirement property into a thriving boutique family EVOO business.
We follow the action from the trees to the press. Amazing stuff!
TIP: Terrace Hill has a cult-like following among chefs and hardcore foodies in Orange County. Grab some at the Orange Home Grown Farmers Market.

The Weekender part 1


Your GrubTribe reps took a trip to Paso Robles for wine crazy and olive harvest!
The two wineries we visited were as different as oil and vinegar.
Broken Earth’s wine program is headed by one of the most intense and exacting wine makers in the world, Chris Carmen from Australia.
Alta Colina is a family run winery that makes 2,000 cases of wine every year.
Check out the videos to see how daughter and dad run the operation.
Both vintners talked about old varietals they are bringing back, the pluses and minuses of growing grapes in Paso Robles, and some tips on choosing wine. 

Are the two best restaurants in CDM under one roof?

Chef Steve Kling runs two restaurant concepts in the same location. Five Crowns is an Orange County classic, with roast beef featured prominently. The SideDoor is more of a gastropub where Kling can break with convention a little more. He sat down with us to talk food, passion, and local ingredients.
We also talked to Randy Ralph Thais, the head bartender, about poetry, booze, bartending and the Bard.

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