If you missed it…


If you didn’t see La Tradition, our documentary about Orange County’s beloved French chef Pascal Olhats, we’ve tee’d it up again.

The movie, which sold out twice during last year’s Newport Beach Film Festival, features cameos from some of the OC’s most talked about chefs.


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Blue Fin

Critically acclaimed sushi chef Takashi Abe and partner Ted Lee opened Bluefin more than 10 years ago.
Learn about fresh fish selection, the perfect sushi rice, and how to have the optimal Bluefin experience.
Ted also reveals the secret to a successful restaurant.
BONUS: Lobster sushi demo featuring an edible, gold-covered claw!

The Great Pizza Throwdown of 2017

Orange County’s best chefs locked horns over pizza technique and taste.
It was an epic battle, pitting  Young Guns vs. Veterans.
Watch some of the most competitive chefs in town craft two ridiculously GIANT pizzas then wait in suspense as more than 213 event attendees voted on the winner.
The throw down was at OC Baking. All proceeds went to Bracken’s Kitchen — a truly wonderful cause. Make sure you hit this event next year! We’ll keep you posted about dates.
The gathering also helped promote a highly anticipated new OC restaurant — Centro Collective. Check it.