Food is Medicine

MaxLove Project was started by Audra D. Wilford when her son Max was diagnosed with brain cancer. With the help of some talented doctors and a diet of medical herbs and vegetables, Max is now thriving.
Audra teamed up with some of the best Orange County chefs ( Zov Karamardian and Azmin Ghareman seen here) to bring together the second annual Max Love Farm to Fork dinner at Tanaka Farms. The event raises money to create these medicinal kitchens and build awareness for the project.
Take a look at the Max Love videos after you see our GrubTribe feature. They’re doing great things with cancer research and nutrient solutions. This is awesome!


As the saying goes, “there’s always one.” Michael “Mick” Schepers is that wacky one, and his ability to see trends and capitalize on them is uncanny. Learn how Mick’s Karma Bar went from a coffee shop to a juice bar to a burger spot. Mick has has crafted a unique OC burger experience, and our mouths can thank him for that.

His burgers keep winning awards. We think it’s one of the best meals you can get in the OC for $10 bucks.
Go check it out and if you’re lucky Mick will talk some trash with you too!

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